I started working with Carla when my self-worth and confidence was at an all-time low, non-existent, and because of that, my relationships and my work suffered. Carla realize that “I am worthy” and gave me the tools to overcome those negative thoughts. It an overstatement to say that my life has improved significantly since I started with have a job that I love, a relationship that has tremendously improved, and perhaps most importantly, self-confidence. If you are struggling, Carla’s your girl.
Brittany M.
Morgantown, WV
“Dating can be a lengthy, maze-like process that at times leaves me feeling drained, confused, hurt, & even jaded. It is during these very moments when I can definitely use a listening ear in order to receive feedback on how to approach dating from a healthy setting, and above all, how to listen to my intuition. Working with Carla has definitely with motivating me to find myself and not settle.”
Los Angeles, CA
“I started working with Carla because I had been holding onto a stagnant relationship for 8 years, for fear of facing the rejection that I felt about my committed relationship with me. I kept hanging on, hoping he would change. Carla helped me find my voice and step into my worthiness around the type of relationship I wanted. It was not easy for me to let go of what I had committed to for 8 years and Carla supported me through it, giving me the tools I could use when I would slip back into old patterns. I truly believe that it is because of Carla’s intuitive and supportive coaching that I have been able to close the door on the old relationship and open space for the relationship I now believe I deserve.”
Christen C.
Los Angeles, CA
“I really looked forward to every Friday – not because it is the start of a weekend – but because it meant I could look forward to being coached by the amazing Carla! There are no topics off limits when it comes to being coached. Carla has helped me make positive shifts in my relationship (thanks to her I’ve started wedding planning!), strides in my business, and gaining balance in the way I approach my weekly goals. I always left a session feeling refreshed and re-energized. In short, Carla is amazing and worth every penny!”
Emily L.
Los Angeles, CA
“I couldn’t help but immediately notice Carla’s passion for relationship coaching, charisma in public speaking, and heart as a human. When Carla coached me on a serious issue that had been eating away at me, she was non-judgmental, warm, and an empathetic listener. She is great at following you through any relationship issues and toward a life of discovery and self-love. If those are the results you seek (because relationships ain’t easy), then what Carla has in store for you is life-changing. Carla’s been through it all and has the scars to show it. I highly recommend working with this wise warrior woman.”
Holly S.
Sylmar, CA