4 Ways to Go from Burnout to Thriving

Did you know burnout doesn’t have to just do with work? Things like a pandemic, relationships, dating, finances, care taking, a move & more can all cause burnout.

I’ve experienced my own burnout from a previous career in TV to past intimate relationships. I get it, it sucks and it can feel like a never ending cycle. But the craziest part, it is 100% preventable. 

Today I can tell you that I don’t burnout anymore because I actively work on not repeating the same patterns. I’ve also helped clients do the same. So, I lived and learned and now I am passing it along to you. 

Here are 4 ways to Go from Burnout to Thriving:

1. Self-care

Maybe you’re sick of hearing the term “self-care”, but let’s back up for a moment. Let me ask you this, when was the last time you got on a sleep schedule? How is eating a balanced meal going for you? When was the last time you scheduled your dentist or annual physical? This is self-care.

You can take all the bubble baths in the world. Although, if you’re not focusing on the root of your care then no bubbles will rehab you back to self-care. Get focused on what you have been neglecting. From there you need to take action on them. This will create a healthy foundation that will begin to pull you out of burnout.

2. Stress Management

Stress isn’t just a feeling but an actual chemical response going on in your body. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with biology today but I can give you ways to combat the go-go-go. The more you can find inner balance the quicker you’ll get out of your pesky burnout.

Managing stress looks like taking daily breaks, sticking to a routine schedule, practicing mindfulness, meditation, going for walks, vacation and laughter. These may seem obvious but it’s time to get real with yourself. When was the last time you integrated these into your day? If you didn’t say daily then it’s time to get on it. 

3. Get a Life

I talk about this in my book Contagious Love. If you don’t have your own hobbies, friendships or interests then you’re not living for yourself. Often we’re told to focus on one thing and one thing only because that will give us success. The problem with that thinking is that it’s narrow and success is only defined by you.

Creating space for an outlet is key when you’re experiencing burnout. This can look like finding one hobby or joining a club. The focus here is to stick with it. Make a commitment (hello boundaries) to yourself that no matter what you will prioritize this. Over time this will create space and structure for you to live beyond whatever it is that causes you burnout. 

4. Connect with meaning and purpose

One of the biggest reasons you may feel burnout is that you don’t have a connection to meaning or purpose. These give us a way of belonging and feeling a part of something bigger than ourselves. When we feel disconnected to ourselves then we feel disconnected to what we put our time and effort into.

This creates a ripple effect of lack of motivation. To start gaining back motivation, think about what used to excite you. Come on, I know you’ve got this stored away inside somewhere. What was it that made it so exciting? Then think about what gives you a sense of personal excitement. This doesn’t have to be climbing Mount Everest but could be as simple as volunteering to help others. 

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