5 Step Love-Life 2021 Goal Guide

3,2,1…Happy New Ye…Bam, love-life goal time! You’re ready to leave the year that brought on COVID-19, but the pressure to improve aspects of your love-life in 365 days might feel heavy and inspirational. A part of you feels excited to start dating with intention or build a healthy relationship.

I used to be one of the New Year junkies. I’d set out a list of goals and intentions. Surprise (insert crickets), nothing would get done. Instead, I put so much pressure on myself I would crumble.

I’m not opposed to getting shit done and knocking out those goals of yours. Actually, as a dating & relationship coach that’s what I do with my clients. But here’s the thing, if you set out goals without a purpose or direction of getting there then you might not get there.

Through out this year I’ve had clients share that they were going to fall in love, get over their ex, improve their relationship, or date again. Every single one of these clients accomplished their goal after we worked together. How?

They didn’t get there by “luck”. They focused on the little steps to get them where they’re supposed to go. Ok I’m going to stop talking now and get straight to the point.

This is 5 Step Love-Life 2021 Goal Guide:

1. Create your love-life goal

To fall in love? Breakup for good? Get married? I say, go big or go home. Challenge yourself. Push yourself into a bit of discomfort. This is your chance to truly go after what you want AKA putting yourself first. This is a big deal so treat your goal as such.

2. Reflect within

Think about what scares you about this goal. What might stop you from accomplishing it? Write this down. This is key, and will most likely surface when trying to get there. It may even be the reason you want to stop and give up. Right size this fear and remind yourself it’s ok to be courageous.

3. Bite size planning

Organize yourself and decide what is realistic. This isn’t a sprint but a marathon. The stuff you do everyday accumulates into change. Focus more on the little day to day tasks because that’s what gives you results. When you get overwhelmed with the big goal then remind yourself that all you need to focus on is the next 24 hours.

4. Set up accountability

Nothing big ever gets done without a plan to check-in. Create little reminders for yourself during each week. This will make any setback not feel like you’re in a dark hole that you can’t get out of. Hold yourself accountable by telling a friend what you’re doing. Sometimes speaking it into existence is a great way to keep yourself in check.

5. Re-adjust

Stop worrying about the date. This can cause unnecessary worry that you “only have” 6 months left to make this goal work for this year. As long as you can see what is working and what is not working then you’re doing pretty freaking awesome. It’s normal to re-adjust your goal expectations and maybe even the entire goal.

Happy love-life goaling. Remember, it’s ok to accomplish it. You’re deserving of it all, girl!