10 Relationship Green Flags

We often think of red flags when it comes to relationships. But what about those green flags? Maybe you’ve got good at picking out the red flags but aren’t sure what the green flag looks like.

As I always tell clients, don’t paint red flags green. Focusing on the green flags is just as important as focusing on the red flags. This is what will guide you through a healthy and thriving relationship. This is 10 relationship green flags you need go know:

1. Emotionally available 

They don’t have anything large blocking them from connecting with you. They’ve sorted through or are working through any childhood issues or traumas. They can discuss them with you as “it happened” and don’t use it as an excuse for their behavior. 

2. Commits to a relationship 

This isn’t rushed. This is taking steps to discuss what being in a relationship looks like. From there taking the physical and emotional steps to be in it. This means cut ties with exes or not being in a relationship with someone else.

3. Want to be part of your life 

It’s important that you maintain your life but that your partner also is welcome into it. It can look like being open to spending time with your family and friends. They make an effort to get to know these important people in your life and to be a part of it.

4. Emotional intimacy 

To be open and share your feelings can be scary.  Hello vulnerability! Although, this is how you connect on a deep level of emotional intimacy. This looks like sharing when scared or stressed. This can feel uncomfortable but it’s necessary for connecting.

5. Has a life of their own 

It’s normal when you date to want to spend every waking moment with someone. You’ve got all those fun hormones moving through ya! Although, it’s key that both partners have their own interests and hobbies. You’ll prob share quite a few those but you’re both able to do your own thing too.

6. Works on themself 

When someone puts in the work to better themselves they are practicing self-care. As a result, they learn about themselves and can share that in their relationship. This adds to a relationship because it brings awareness for their actions. Together it can build a stronger bond.

7. Want the same future 

If you want to spend any extended time with this person then you want to have alignment in your future. Sometimes it takes a little bit of discussing and openness to see if you want the same future. Although, it should never feel forced or that you’re trying to change someone’s mind. 

8. Teamwork 

Most relationships are not 50/50 because we’re not robots, we’re human. Creating a team dynamic means when you’re struggling your partner can pick up the slack and vice versa. You’re both there to encourage and support one another. 

9. Trust

The foundation of all relationships is trust. Although, it takes time to build trust and that’s what makes it healthy. This looks like not sharing your darkest secrets but taking time to slowly open that part of you. Overtime you’ll create a level of depth in your relationship.

10. Safe and secure 

This may feel different for everyone but the sense of emotional and physical stability is important. You’ll find that with your partner, you can be yourself and your own individual. This will open you up to share your own thoughts and opinions. 

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