31 COVID-19 Approved Activities with Your Partner

Let’s be real, COVID-19 pandemic is stressful. It’s causing us as a collective to experience trauma. As a result, you’re stuck indoors with your partner who you love but didn’t think you’d be spending every waking moment with. 

So it brings us to the question a lot of my clients are asking me, what is there to do indoors together? My response, A lot actually. Here are 31 COVID-19 Approved Activities with Your Partner:

1 . DIY wine tasting 

Break out the charcuterie board skills and buy different wines to try.

2. House party (the app of course!)

Mute each others microphones and play their fun trivia games

3. Board games

Did someone say the Pandemic board game was on sale?

4. Re-create your favorite restaurant meal

This is a fun and tasty challenge to do together

5. Paint night

Grab your favorite drink, find a youtube tutorial and create your own paintings. 

6. Fancy take out

Get your favorite take out meal, light some candles, throw on a cute outfit and enjoy!

7. Explore sexually

Why not learn more about one another in the bed?

8. Plan your next trip 

Ok obviously when it’s safe to travel. Pick a country and create an itinerary. 

9. Solo date night

Yes, it’s essential to be alone during this time too. Pick a night where you each devote planned alone time. 

10. Gottman Card Decks App 

Download the app and enjoy asking each other deeper questions.

11. Puzzle with a twist

Each order a puzzle online picking out a funny photo without sharing it with your partner. Get them printed & shipped. 

12. Plant something

If you have a garden great and if not plant something in a house pot. You can order supplies via amazon.

13. Netflix watch party

Make it a double date and invite friends to join.

14. Book on tape

Literally pick anything from romance to self-help.

15. Learn a new language together

Hello, duolingo app!

16. Throw a friend a virtual surprise birthday party

Organize the party planning together, decorate your backdrop and invite others to join.

17. Online games

Find a free gaming website and get competitive. 

18. Funny photo shoot

Watch a photo tutorial video, set up a funny scene and take photos of one another.

19. Create TikTok videos

It’s time the two of you show off your dance moves.

20. Pick a movie series or TV series 

Time for that binge watching & chill. 

21. Mad libs

Take it back to your childhood with this one.

22. Make video messages to friends & family

Yes everyone’s zoom calling but sometimes it’s nice to create a hello message from the two of you. 

23. Watch a LIVE concert together

Hook up your TV and enjoy the different artists LIVE concerts on social media

24. At home workout

Find a great online workout and “HIIT” it together. 

25. Read a new book 

Get romantic and take turns reading to one another

26. Decorate your place

Remember that room or corner you never got to? #OnlineShopping

27. Create an at home gym

Buy a spin bike, weights, and a yoga mat and boom you’ve got a gym. 

28. Share daily one reason you’re grateful for each other

Attitude of gratitude. 

29. Bake a bomb ass cake

Decorate that bad boy and make it fancy AF. 

30. Read a book for couples

There is always room for growth even in the happiest relationships. 

31. Don’t make any big decisions during this time. Both you and your partner may be experiencing and processing everything with COVID-19 differently. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Instead, this is a great opportunity for you both to practice boundaries and communicate what you want and need. Remember: You’re in a relationship to support one another through any difficult time, including this one. 

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