Dating Dos & Don’ts During Coronavirus

Coronavirus and dating at the same time can feel like you’re forced into a long distance relationship you never wanted. But yet here you are accepting reality. You’re single and you’re ready to mingle. Guess what? You’re not screwed over. That’s why I created Dating Dos & Don’ts During Coronavirus:

Do go on THESE virtual dates

Virtual dating is a thing usually when you are miles and miles away but with coronavirus now is your time to embrace it being a mile away. Some fun date ideas via FaceTime are: eat dinner together, ask each these 50 Must First Date Questions, press “play” at the same time by watching a TV show (they’re shorter than movies and allow for time to converse), go for a walk around the neighborhood, or play an online game together via an app.

Don’t reach out to someone out of loneliness

AKA your ex or that guy you cut things off a month ago. It can feel lonely during this time for everyone, not just the single people. But your lonely feeling may be heightened out of isolation. As humans we are supposed to be around connecting with. If you find yourself tempted to reach out to that person, ask yourself, “how can I fill this lonely void without using others to fill it?”

Do get on dating apps

Maybe you hate them or maybe you love. Regardless, apps are just one other tool for dating. They are not the end all be all to dating. Being on an app now can help you get yourself out there without the immediate pressure. Schedule out some time that you want to be on the apps. Limit yourself to only 3 otherwise you may feel overwhelmed. P.S. Now’s the only socially acceptable time to be on an app and not commit to getting together with someone.

Don’t making any major decisions

Everyone is emotionally charged at the moment. This is not the time to make any big decisions. Give yourself some time to get back to “normal” life. Don’t just decide you’re quitting the dating world entirely or you’re ready to establish the relationship status after 2 FaceTime dates. Soon this will pass and you’ll be able to make clear choices based on your everyday life.  

Do use this time to reflect within

Dating is always a practice that you can learn from. There’s so much pressure on finding the one that sometimes we neglect ourselves in this process. Taking a step back and re-evaluating why you’re dating and who you are looking for can help guide you toward the right match. In my book Contagious Love (click here for free chapter 1 download), I discuss how to set boundaries and how to look out for red flags. Evaluating where you’re at with those can help make for a smooth sailing dating process.

Don’t convince someone to physically meet you

First off, convincing someone to physically meet you is a bit creepy. Second, if you’re meant to be with them you will be with them regardless of coronavirus. Deep breaths here. I know it’s exciting if you virtually met someone awesome. Those hormones are on fire and you’re like, “get me out of this house.” Here’s the thing, it’s important that you respect one’s boundaries and what they’re comfortable with. Remember, as much as being single and indoors feels like forever it’s soon to be history.